ICCFD10, Barcelona

PSA: Abstracts for ICCFD11 are due on 18 Feb 2020!

Amazing destination conference opportunity in Maui, Hawaii

Every two years, the International Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics is held in a different iconic city across the globe. ICCFD conferences begun in 2000 as the merger of “Numerical Methods in Fluid Dynamics (ICNMFD), and the International Symposium on Computational Fluid Dynamics (ISCFD); which had been running since 1969 and 1985, respectively.” According to the ICCFD homepage.

In early 2018, I submitted two abstracts and was lucky enough to be invited to present a poster on “Scalable HPC Building-Block for Multi-Disciplinary Systems” and complete paper on “Unified Geometries for Dynamic HPC Modeling”. I’ve published a few papers before, but this felt like a new experience; here I was submitting for peer review intimate technical details on the inner workings of some of my original innovations. In the past it was always part of academic group. I worked for two months to bring together my 20-page paper, leaving the presentation until the week of the event…

Pretty familiar experience for most engineers — those minutes leading up to a big presentation…
This balanced tree approach to geometry type taxonomy permits nice inheritance and functional polymorphic optimizations. It is also really interesting to resolve the characteristic similarities and differences between types. There are embedded levels of orthogonality in many spaces. This yields a complete solution space to address all analysis challenges.
In the red, it says that across types we found on order: 50X span in memory usage, 60X span in IO usage, and about 20X speedup when running on GPU vs CPU. Not bad!
Now that the work part is done, I can now look around…
Barcelona is an absolutely gorgeous city, and maintains its own special timeless charm. This is pretty much a typical back alley.
Many interiors have simply stunning craftsmanship and taste. Visual inspiration all around!

The lovely coastal city of Sitges, Spain!
The world-famous multi-century construction project, Sagrada Familia.

Food. Okay let me just say that perhaps my favorite element about Spain was the food. Fresh, flavorful, and affordable. Tapas around great, but we made a point to try many different types of restaurants ranging from known tourist spots to tiny spots that only open for a few hours in the late evening to serve a couple families. Honestly, almost every place we tried had something special about it and several of them we just had to come back for a second or third time. Really, we should have taken more food pictures.

To make up for it, here are a few treats:

Hope to see you at ICCFD11 Summer 2020 in Maui, Hawaii!