coming soon — adventures in tech

Welcome to my new blog!

I hope to share some fun stuff in the realm of numerical simulation, machine design, and aerospace systems. Realistically, lots of other crazy stuff will pop up along the way….

A bit about me: educated at Harvey Mudd College in general engineering. Had a few internships at NASA JPL/Caltech supporting Dawn, MSL, and hypervelocity impactor programs. Then a short stint at Blue Origin developing engine infrastructure. Found myself reinventing CFD numerics on my laptop in Matlab to address engine and facility challenges at Virgin Galactic. Then founded Xplicit Computing and worked very hard to bring all the best ideas and people together. Broke code and new ground in HPC…

Over the last five years I’ve been very focused on building the software data layers to enable next-gen engines and power systems. XCOMPUTE enables us to define and simulate complex systems building blocks for heterogeneous (CPU/GPU) algorithm processing. This means we can solve fluid, solid, or any other problem in a unified architecture, leveraging the latest in C++ and OpenCL. Powerful advanced simulation is now available on desktop computers! Computing tools are now accessible to many more people…a huge impact on small and big businesses.

I’m also into a variety of music (piano improv, percussion, etc), cultural foods (many types), and philosophy (Spinoza-Einstein).

Very exciting new things on the horizon. Stay tuned…

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